Gucci ;)

Inspired by high fashion. Get the look:

  1. Who inspires you? is there a particular brand that speaks to you most? look through the internet to find inspirational outfits! tip: Watch fashion shows on Youtube. Ex: Louis Vuitton Fall 1999, Gucci Fall Winter 2004, ACW Fall Winter 2018 
  2. Wear a lip color on Fantage.
  3. Accessorize with simple hoops, bracelets, chokers, glasses/tinted frames. A lot can be found at Le Shope!
  4. Pick a simple hairstyle with good shading.
  5. Choose a simple board! my personal favorite is the “fake LV board” as seen in my 3rd look!
  6. Let the outfit do most of the talking. Avoid an obvious color scheme (unless you’re going for that Queen Elizabeth look LOL). Tip: Try to visualize your Fantagian as a real person. I know that sounds weird, but it helps you to decide what clothes you want to dress it in!



Cloud82’s Final Fantage Update

I recorded this a few days before cloud82 died uwu

added nostalgic music for the mood

the video includes:


idfone, medals (damn i forgot stickers 😦 but thank you to everyone who gave me rare stickers LOL)


Inventory, pets, makeup, friendship bracelets


Photo album, notes, home rating

-List of all my buddies

Hope you enjoy it~ and watch the whole thing if you want 🙂



Looking through old files…

I found some pictures I’ve never published before. I guess this would be a nice time to share them 🙂

June 19, 2015:  The following images were supposed to be part of a blog post but I decided not to post them for some reason

June 19, 2015

June 19, 2015

June 19, 2015

Dec 7, 2015: I think these outfits were part of a series (galaxy inspired?? again, decided not to post them because I thought it was a dumb idea haha)

Dec 7, 2015

April 27, 2015: yeah i have no memory of what I intended to do with this

March 4, 2015: again, wtf

eggJune 29, 2015: … 

dollydolly2January 31, 2015: LOL I dont remember what was happening here but I’m pretty sure there was a glitch and dolly11118 disappeared (?)

April 27, 2015: OH

October 9, 2015

July 22, 2016: rip 😦June 18, 2015: MyMall folks

July 22, 2016: I dont remember why I made this.. probably for an idea I had.

March 27, 2015: Thought the glow looked cute

(aigght I got lazy with the dates so please enjoy the rest~)



god… looking back at this is kinda cringey