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Welcome to Fantage Spy! This blog is run by cloud82, and a bunch of other authors. Cloud is a Fantagian with a level of 861. She loves MyMall, playing Q-Blast, and chilling with her friends. Cloud82 posts about a lot about Fantage fashion, tips, tricks and pretty much anything that comes across her mind. She also loves to draw, create edits, and socialize! so be ready for your daily dose of Fantage forum. 

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Outfit spam


It me 🙂

Here with an outfit spam! these are from my instagram account (@ughfantage)

Ive been testing out a new style (as you can see in 2 of these photos). I’m kind of getting tired of neat color matching outfits lol, so that’s why I will be transitioning to a quirkier style hehe










Outfits of the week

I emailed Fantage a few months ago, and miraculously they unbanned me 🙂


The pants in the second outfit was released years ago but the style has become trendy in real life too lol

also these recent years ive been obsessed with thrift shopping

and once u realize it…

mymall is basically a thrift store LOL

people sell their old clothing there and you can get “vintage” fantage clothes

n i c e

not sure how to title this

I’ve been wanting to quit blogging on here for about 2 years but I never had the courage to completely disconnect. A few minutes ago I decided to revisit some Fantage blogs that I used to read and all of them had goodbye posts. It honestly breaks my heart to see this once lively and supportive WordPress community fade away, especially for me, since I’ve been here since 2012. I remember being here 24/7, replying to comments, making posts/pages, constantly checking my notifications, and chatting on the XAT chat boxes. But now, it’s like this place has become an abandoned town. Deep down, I just really wished this community could come back 😦 I miss it a lot, more than I should.

My purpose here ain’t over until Fantage shuts down or something. I trulyyy want to be able to help others and make people happy, but it’s so hard considering:

A) I’m permanently banned for no reason
B) It’s kinda hard to function since everything is for members ;-;

I also get really annoyed every time I log on. The game itself may not be getting worse, but it’s the users!! everywhere I go I see people cussing, or trying to act cool by cussing, irrelevant and inappropriate tryouts, etc. The culture of the game seems to be revolved around status, which is pretty degrading.

I think what might help to make the game environment a better place is for people to adopt more interests. Like instead of only caring about wardrobe and items, maybe develop an interest in a game/activity. This should eliminate all the bored people in downtown attending things like “strip parties” and stuff like that.

I remember hosting a lot of “extreme hide n seek” games and made a lot of nice friends!

All in all, I feel like if people had a more balanced “lifestyle” in the game, Fantage would be a lot more fun for everyone. The different types of users in the game could mesh and mingle, instead of being so isolated into specific cliques.

just my opinion yall

I honestly have no idea what my purpose of this post was. I guess I just wanted to remind u guys that I miss blogging hella lot, but I also wanted to address some issues I was noticing lol.

I dont think anyone actually read this post but oh well, it relieved a lot of sadness 🙂

Also, I really want to come back but I literally cant because my account is banned 😡

ill keep ya updated!

youtube channel


^My other youtube channel, not Fantage related! so far only 2 videos but expect more coming… (you wont find me in any of the video’s lol, but maybe in the future).

I’ve recently been applying to universities/colleges and one of the video’s I uploaded is regarding my portfolio!

I’m not applying to art schools, so dont expect an art school quality portfolio. (Some schools I applied to required a portfolio so they could see the “creative” side to you).




As I mentioned from my previous post, I will not be blogging about Fantage no mo’

(OK except this one part:

I LITERALLY SCREAMED when I was scrolling through other Fantage blogs and noticed…


LIT?? DABTASTIC???? LOOL how is that even an event LOL. I miss their old event ideas; so pure and actually intriguing… their recent events *cough Dabtastic* is just a mimic of a real life trend.

I mean, imagine if they made events for every viral internet meme.

Or better yet, creating costumes out of them! yikes, we’d see the “cash me ousside” girl everywhere.


OKAY enough of this madness, here’s another lil update!!!!


i’ll probably be a changed person when i come back

i feel like going to japan will kawaii-fy me




( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

ok bye :3

thank you

Thanks for 1k subscribers!

but most importantly the journey that lead up to this day 🙂

because today will mark a very special mark on this blog

tis the last day I will be blogging about Fantage

*slips away*


994 subscribers?

thats 6 more to 1000.

im shook

meanwhile here’s a mini life update!

a) I havent logged on Fantage in months

b) I am currently creating an artsy portfolio for college/uni

c) I am drinking tea right now and I see a chocolate chip in my cup (???)

d) I built an actual snowman for the first time in probably 7 years

e) i miss blogging a lot but I cant think of anything amusing to write about anymore.

f) apparently fantage updated a lot of things but I havent bothered checking yet

and lastly, does anyone here even play fantage actively anymore?



So, since I haven’t been playing Fantage all that often wow great start to the post, I still have a lot of things just building up (like currency and items), so…

Since this event includes gifting, I’ll probably be giving out items from the limited cart as a present. I have a limited amount of gold, though (because I can’t sell anything), so I’m only going to be giving away 1-2 things, depending on how this turns out.

I don’t really have time to schedule a gameday, so I’m just going to do something simple.

First prize: First person to comment their favorite Fantage game and briefly state why. (I dunno, cuz I’m the game host, although I’m not doing a very good job so at least it’s game related.)

Second prize: First person to play Q-Blast with me within the next ten minutes. (I won’t offer prize if nobody comes by the 35 minute mark.) Make sure to tell me you came from WordPress if you want to qualify for the prize. I’m chbannabeth1 if you wanna know who to look for. [CLOSED]

That’s all. Cya!



Some random goodies 😉


Where it says typehere, type in a Fantage location. 

I’ll give you a list of things to type in:


  • rocketboard
  • stars
  • gems









For example,


This link will take me to the game (Candy Swap)!

If all that shows up is a white page, try typing out the link by hand.

Have fun 😀









4 unique party outfits


I find that real life social norms apply on Fantage too. If you were to wear a “unique” outfit that didnt consist of rare items, you’d be deemed as “uncool”..

and that would mean you’re

A) ignored most of the time, or

B) You’re probably not cool.

So its actually really hard to find this game enjoyable because you’re almost forced to dress like everyone else, because if you dont, you’ll basically be shut off by 60% of the players.

And since this is a game and the only part of you that is shown to others is your outfit. So basically first impressions matter. A LOT.


Sorry that was useless^ but I just wanted to say that :{c



rip america.

1776- 2016.





Noticed anything different?

Well, all the pages were from 2013-2014

And the header was one of my very first headers I used on this blog.

Throwback week.

Its real.

(Nov 11-18)


Lucky Bot Styling | Rainbow Bangs Hair

Who knew that even the “ugliest” Lucky Bot item could turn out to be so pretty? well it all depends on how you match it.

I find that a head accessory (like a flower crown) goes really nicely with this hair. It covers up the rainbow bangs, and accentuates the pretty curls 🙂

Take a look:


A costume idea:


(The top one is a bit harder than the bottom outfit)

omg I actually really like this hair now LOL

so here’s some more outfits!






its been in my inventory for at least a year now

LOL and I just notice it today…

Comment below which outfit you like the most!


Fall Meetup/Games

Yay! I finally have time to hang out with you guys! (Not really.) And I know I said I was gonna do this like a week ago (probably more like 2-3 weeks ago) and then I didn’t do it. But something happened and then I got busy and blah blah blah. But I’m here now. And quite honestly Saturday will be very busy for me, but I’m trying to fit this in.

If you didn’t see the post on my blog, then I’ll basically tell you that I haven’t been having the best of days lately, so hopefully I can relieve some of the negativity with this meetup/gameday.

I know “Fantage is dying,” and “Nobody goes on Fantage anymore,” but I want to meet up just to see everyone I’ve been missing these past few months. (Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a few months.) And even if you don’t play Fantage anymore, it would be fun to see you just once. 🙂 But you don’t have to come if you don’t want to.

So sorry for such short notice, I only just decided to do this a few minutes ago.

When: Saturday, October 15 @6:00 PM Fantage Standard Time

Where: Blue Tiger – Meet in Uptown

What: chatting and playing games as always

Why: just for fun and catching up 😉

Duration: about 45 minutes to an hour (it might be shorter depending on how many people stay)

Thanks! See you there! Again, apologies for short notice!


WordPress Got Talent 2016!

Man, I feel like the WordPress community has been really dead recently :-/ so here’s something that would hopefully revive everyone again 😀

Welcome, children, to:

WordPress Got Talent!


*sheep sounds in the distance* (just pretend you’re excited okay?? lolol)

Here’s how it works.

This is an individual contest; so there are NO teams.

There will be several rounds, and in each round, people will be eliminated.

There will be only 1 winner.

There’s going to be a few judges.

If you want to participate, you can either be a Judge, or a Contestant (LOL, this is like the movie nerve: Are you a watcher or a player?)


Yeah might as well just tell you now that the prize isnt spectacular. It aint going to be membership or gold or items. Because quite frankly, the majority of people here dont even have membership to open up a kiosk at MyMall.

So, the prize will be blog related 😉

Might be an advertisement? a header? who knows?

Just join for fun! ❤

Join Now!!!


Comment below your FANTAGE USERNAME, and if you want to be a JUDGE or CONTESTANT.

*notice: there will only be around 3-5 judges*

More Info

When will this begin? When I get enough people to join

When will this end? End of October.

So, what will contestants be judged on? Each round I will assign something to create. Like a header, an outfit, an edit, a drawing, or writing etc.


If you have more questions, comment below!