The Final Show

Just stop your crying
It’s a sign of the times
Welcome to the final show

I know I shouldn’t care about a childrens game closing down, but I guess I sorta do. Its like the whole club penguin closure all over again, but with something more personal. But more than anything, I’m just grateful. As a veteran who has seen the birth and growth and fall of this little society, I cant help but to comment on the journey.

Life on this digital world was a good 9 years. That is about the lifespan of a goat, rabbit, fox, or quail, but is just a tiny chapter of ours. We’ve made friends, enemies, built up pixelated inventories, collected currency, and more. We’ve practically lived a separate life inside of a game. But this life we’ve lived will soon be erased. There will absolutely nothing left. So called “accomplishments” and our hard work will blossom into still memories. How do you feel right now? Why did you even play Fantage?

To some of us the meaning is simple, but to others, this little world might have been a light. There are also a handful who’ve dedicated so much to reach a specific goal. Maybe to reach a high level, or to reach completion of collecting all of the items. How would they feel? or maybe this is you? regardless, you should be affected. Right? Imagine if life on Fantage was of a much larger scale. One day, all of your accomplishments are deemed worthless, and you come to realize that in the end, maybe your goals were too plastic, and that maybe you should have chose happiness instead.

This is not to say that you didn’t enjoy it while it lasted though, because you probably did. But sometimes the journey and the happiness that comes with it is not savored, and the end result is a rather gray feeling. Do you feel gray? I do. But now I know. As I prepare myself to flip the last page and close the book, I will try to paint with color on a gray canvas. Will you do the same?


Gameday Get-Together

Hey everyone! Long time, no see! Seriously!

I missed you all! Actually, some of you probably don’t know me, haha. Well, last year, or was it two years ago… I was Game Host of Fantage Spy. I haven’t been doing a very good job, admittedly, but as summer nears, I want to try connecting more to you all in the Fantage Spy community!

Screenshot (549)

So, I am planning a get-together for all of you who know me, and who don’t… so everyone lol. I don’t have all the details yet, but I am really excited to re-connect and meet new people! So far, I’m planning for us all to meet up on Fantage around June 1st, so keep your schedules open!

I’ll post more details as the date approaches!

Anyways, I should get back to my (ugh) life, like finals. But let’s not be stressed. I’ll be waiting for y’all on the other side of school! 😛


“She probably works for the CIA” – winter looks

So you’re old enough. One day, you’re sitting in your moms car. Its a mundane day. Until she looks over at you and says, “its time I tell you about my real job. Espionage”.


How to get the look:

-A red lip. A must. Plus, your lipstick probably doubles as a laser.

-Heels. They’re nice compartments for small gadgets.

-Glasses. I dont have to explain this one.

I mean, you’ve always thought your mom was kinda bad ass. But a Fantage spy? who would’ve knew…


Styled: July PM Gift

giftI love this top sm because its so versatile 🙂 you can dress it up or down.


  • Pair this crop top with high waisted bottoms. Otherwise look like this:

yikes I mean its a look tho LOL #calvins



  • Experiment with different colors
  • High waisted shorts= cute casual look


Uptown (high end)

  • Dangling earrings
  • Sophisticated colors




Hey sorry for this post but does anyone have any (coin pls/or for nons)

I really want the black jacket w/bag!! I'll give you a good offer 🙂


Back to back events+Styling Sunflower Hair

Right after the lemonade event, Fantage uploaded another one??

tbh I’d prefer quality over quantity. Right now it just seems like they’re trying too hard to get us to play the game and buy items.

I miss the old days when we’d have an event every month or so 😦 events back then were also higher quality (more creative and looked like they’d spent more time making them).

The events now are so lame LOL *cough* “dabtastic”


Anyway, lets look at the items 🙂


I bought everything but the outfit because the shorts look like the butt is on backwards LOL

Also check out the captions.. its like they put no thought at all into them :-/ as if they were rushing or something.

Sunflower Hair
makes your forehead look big, so check out how I’d style it:

loooks.png1. Summer look

slUse a visor and pair with some sunglasses to offset the weird proportions of the hair.

2. Fancy

sl2Masks, crowns, and this pink headband will do! (I’m obsessed with the first outfit ahh its so pretty!) I love how versatile this hair is.

3. Casual

sl3.pngGrab a hat, any hat! in the last look I used the “Jaunty Hat” from lucky bot. I think it looks great with the hair 🙂

Comment below which look you liked the most! cya next time ❤


Outfit spam


It me 🙂

Here with an outfit spam! these are from my instagram account (@ughfantage)

Ive been testing out a new style (as you can see in 2 of these photos). I’m kind of getting tired of neat color matching outfits lol, so that’s why I will be transitioning to a quirkier style hehe










Outfits of the week

I emailed Fantage a few months ago, and miraculously they unbanned me 🙂


The pants in the second outfit was released years ago but the style has become trendy in real life too lol

also these recent years ive been obsessed with thrift shopping

and once u realize it…

mymall is basically a thrift store LOL

people sell their old clothing there and you can get “vintage” fantage clothes

n i c e

not sure how to title this

I’ve been wanting to quit blogging on here for about 2 years but I never had the courage to completely disconnect. A few minutes ago I decided to revisit some Fantage blogs that I used to read and all of them had goodbye posts. It honestly breaks my heart to see this once lively and supportive WordPress community fade away, especially for me, since I’ve been here since 2012. I remember being here 24/7, replying to comments, making posts/pages, constantly checking my notifications, and chatting on the XAT chat boxes. But now, it’s like this place has become an abandoned town. Deep down, I just really wished this community could come back 😦 I miss it a lot, more than I should.

My purpose here ain’t over until Fantage shuts down or something. I trulyyy want to be able to help others and make people happy, but it’s so hard considering:

A) I’m permanently banned for no reason
B) It’s kinda hard to function since everything is for members ;-;

I also get really annoyed every time I log on. The game itself may not be getting worse, but it’s the users!! everywhere I go I see people cussing, or trying to act cool by cussing, irrelevant and inappropriate tryouts, etc. The culture of the game seems to be revolved around status, which is pretty degrading.

I think what might help to make the game environment a better place is for people to adopt more interests. Like instead of only caring about wardrobe and items, maybe develop an interest in a game/activity. This should eliminate all the bored people in downtown attending things like “strip parties” and stuff like that.

I remember hosting a lot of “extreme hide n seek” games and made a lot of nice friends!

All in all, I feel like if people had a more balanced “lifestyle” in the game, Fantage would be a lot more fun for everyone. The different types of users in the game could mesh and mingle, instead of being so isolated into specific cliques.

just my opinion yall

I honestly have no idea what my purpose of this post was. I guess I just wanted to remind u guys that I miss blogging hella lot, but I also wanted to address some issues I was noticing lol.

I dont think anyone actually read this post but oh well, it relieved a lot of sadness 🙂

Also, I really want to come back but I literally cant because my account is banned 😡

ill keep ya updated!

youtube channel

^My other youtube channel, not Fantage related! so far only 2 videos but expect more coming… (you wont find me in any of the video’s lol, but maybe in the future).

I’ve recently been applying to universities/colleges and one of the video’s I uploaded is regarding my portfolio!

I’m not applying to art schools, so dont expect an art school quality portfolio. (Some schools I applied to required a portfolio so they could see the “creative” side to you).




As I mentioned from my previous post, I will not be blogging about Fantage no mo’

(OK except this one part:

I LITERALLY SCREAMED when I was scrolling through other Fantage blogs and noticed…


LIT?? DABTASTIC???? LOOL how is that even an event LOL. I miss their old event ideas; so pure and actually intriguing… their recent events *cough Dabtastic* is just a mimic of a real life trend.

I mean, imagine if they made events for every viral internet meme.

Or better yet, creating costumes out of them! yikes, we’d see the “cash me ousside” girl everywhere.


OKAY enough of this madness, here’s another lil update!!!!


i’ll probably be a changed person when i come back

i feel like going to japan will kawaii-fy me




( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

ok bye :3

thank you

Thanks for 1k subscribers!

but most importantly the journey that lead up to this day 🙂

because today will mark a very special mark on this blog

tis the last day I will be blogging about Fantage

*slips away*


994 subscribers?

thats 6 more to 1000.

im shook

meanwhile here’s a mini life update!

a) I havent logged on Fantage in months

b) I am currently creating an artsy portfolio for college/uni

c) I am drinking tea right now and I see a chocolate chip in my cup (???)

d) I built an actual snowman for the first time in probably 7 years

e) i miss blogging a lot but I cant think of anything amusing to write about anymore.

f) apparently fantage updated a lot of things but I havent bothered checking yet

and lastly, does anyone here even play fantage actively anymore?



So, since I haven’t been playing Fantage all that often wow great start to the post, I still have a lot of things just building up (like currency and items), so…

Since this event includes gifting, I’ll probably be giving out items from the limited cart as a present. I have a limited amount of gold, though (because I can’t sell anything), so I’m only going to be giving away 1-2 things, depending on how this turns out.

I don’t really have time to schedule a gameday, so I’m just going to do something simple.

First prize: First person to comment their favorite Fantage game and briefly state why. (I dunno, cuz I’m the game host, although I’m not doing a very good job so at least it’s game related.)

Second prize: First person to play Q-Blast with me within the next ten minutes. (I won’t offer prize if nobody comes by the 35 minute mark.) Make sure to tell me you came from WordPress if you want to qualify for the prize. I’m chbannabeth1 if you wanna know who to look for. [CLOSED]

That’s all. Cya!