132 thoughts on “welcome

  1. hey love the way you did the song thing with that 🙂 could you let me know how? thats awesome! i get it if you cant 😦 btw im advertising you on my blog 🙂 amazeballs :*

  2. how like did you get your posts organized like contact polls fantage accounts etc… mine is just on long page of stuff ^-^

  3. Hi, I need help!! I was earning ecoins with Ads and when I close one and in the top of fantage appears ike the Stage of fantage!! There are like a lot of things, like “F, M, CL, Ro, Sv, P0, P, C, X” “472.5 mb (and it changes every second)” “392.04” “Current scope, command line” ._. I don’t know if it is normal. D:

  4. Hi <3, I'm paigejane2. I love your website so much! I've watched since you had the wordpress one 🙂 I would hope that you could take a look at my website! I'm hoping to become as cool as you! I know i'm supposed to be myself, and that's what you're doing and you're really inspiring me, cloud82! Stay Cool! ❤

  5. I nominate you for a CreaIntell Blog’s award choice of April 2014 badge!

    Ps I lik ur posts they’re awesome xD

  6. Hey People,

    I started blogging a while back, and I’d appreciate it if you’d check my blog out. I give super duper rare accounts out! Like frisky, cc arrow and the rest. Please follow and check out my next giveaway. Trust me, it’s gonna be the best account EVER in history, (If you don’t count pinkstardust because c’mon she rocks). Here’s the link:


    If you check it out, thank you it means EVERYTHING to me!

    Thank You,



  9. Hi, Cloud. I have a question about your…(our past?). Was your name Pinkstarbritney at a time? Let me be more specific around 2012..? I remember when I met you at Bliss’s site. There was Rocky,Shopaholic,fruit99punch,lily,and me Anna. I apologize for any trouble I made back then, (copying etc). I was only 8, and even though I was smart, I didn’t know how much of a pain I was being. If you still have contact to any of them, please let them know that I’m still alive. I doubt that they will remember me. I disappeared for a while because my laptop broke, and when I came back at 11 years old(me about to be 12 now aay), the site was being closed. I’m thankful that you are here, (if you’re the person that I think you are), even if you’re not, it’s okay, your blog is still awesome XD. ~Anna

    1. Hey, I wasn’t pinkstarbritney lol. She’s still alive though. Her blog is called My Random Guide.
      But yeah, welcome back! Those people that you listed are still living, and I think some of them still have blogs but I’m not sure.

  10. hi cloud82. i want to apologize for what i did. i know there isn’t any excuse i can make for what i did. i don’t know what got into me to say that to you.i feel so horrible for what i did and i regret it. as said, words speak life and death.
    i know personally i would get super upset if someone would say the things i said to you. i seriously don’t know what got into me. to be honest, ive always LOVED your blog. i guess i was jealous about it, so i said some super unnecessary things i shouldn’t have.
    i am truly sorry for what i said.
    please forgive me
    PS. smileyselenaa100 deleted me as a buddy, and i think she changed her eyes and/or skin tone. hopefully she hasn’t been hacked, i really need to find her again :/

    1. Hello. Thanks for your apology. You got some guts to do that, and I’ll respect you for that. I will accept your apology, but after all that you’ve done, I might not look at you the same way. Though we are on good terms again 🙂
      And no, Selena didn’t get hacked 😛 thanks for thinking about her.

      1. Hi again. I appreciate you taking the time to respond, and even responding after what I did. I respect your decision of not looking at me the same way; if someone did the stuff I did I wouldn’t either. I’m glad we are on good terms again 🙂
        Good night,

  11. I can’t change the color of the font, even when I try to copy and paste some colors on to the post it turns out to be the regular font, the only font that’s colored when I copy and paste is yours, can I use it? Also i’ll credit. 🙂

  12. hey cloud, why was the home screen like cluttered with pages in the morning, like there where like 50 pages at the top of the screen it was really cool you had all this stuff, now it’s gone where you just updating? lolol i sound confusing but whatevs i love ur blog ❤

  13. Hello cloud I love your blog and want to say your a really awesome person and I love to read all your posts. My blog is fantagespaz123.wordpress.com can you check it out and tell me how you feel about
    ( I need your opinion). Just comment on the welcome page about what you feel about my blog!

  14. Herro! So I have a question… You know how on PicMonkey people use a certain font when their writing “Fantage” or something like that? Whats that font called? Do you know? Thanks, bye!

  15. I’m having a Fantage bloggers/ viewers meet up. It would be so great if you could be there!!!!
    Here is the info:
    – 12/21/15
    -5:00 PST
    -Lilac Lemur
    -Meeting at Mt. Fantage (we will go to my place and possibly have a fashion show later)
    Oh yeah it would be awesome if you could make a post about this to let all the others know. I hope you can make it (your on the VIP list), XOXO.

  16. Hello! May I please be a worker on this blog? I will be able to post at least once a day maybe even more. I beleive I am getting better at blogging everyday. My blog is: https://fantageshimmerglimmer.wordpress.com I would be able to post about Fantage, Fashion tips and tutorials. I really want to work on this blog but its up to you. Thank you!

  17. cloud how come the size of the pixels in ms paint don’t match up to the size of the pixels in fantage
    or more like if you take a picture from fantage in default size, it becomes very unclear when you paste it onto paint and zoom in
    so technically i can’t recolor now
    can you try that and help me ty

    1. Hi! that shouldnt be the case, but sometimes places/things on Fantage are lower quality (I dont know why), but I know what you mean.
      Do you mind giving me a more specific example?

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