Fantage, a real world?

Fantage is a virtual world. But lets stop and think for a second; what if Fantage was a real world? A new planet has been added to the solar system. Full of vivid colors, strange animals and a distinct language called ‘Fajjntajge”.

Figure 1: Strange animals that roam Fantage


Welcome, to Fantage. This planet appears as if it has been cut in half. Scientists have been studying the structure of this planet and has come into conclusions that it has no central core, everything is not made of particles, but in fact a strange substance called ‘pixels’. There is also a nearby planet just above Fantage which looks like a turtle. fantage map

This planet also appears to be close to the sun, and therefore being placed on the solar system on a 53 angle:


Figure 3.0: Fantage, a newly added planet to the solar system.

Fantage may look strange from the outside, but is also strange on the inside. A Fantagian may raise strange pets in which they live in a barn displayed on a shelf. Pets may also be brought to the streets with no leash, but instead a strange magnetic bond between the owner and the pet where the pet will always follow the owner. Scientists are still researching the chemicals and elements of this magnetic bond to bring into planet Earth.

Fantagians also wear friendship bracelets. In the planet of Fantage, bracelets are not actually worn on the wrist, but floating on top of their heads again with some strange magnetic property. Fantagians can move, talk and breath all without moving. They travel on platforms called ‘boards’ which come in various forms and shapes.

Boards can be spinning tires, assorted animals, tea pots, tornadoes, and much more.

Figure 4.0: Assorted boards that Fantagians use as transportation. 

Fantagians have have great balancing skills as they can stand on a spinning tire without moving! they make it look so easy, but it requires lots of strength and ‘pixel energy’ as said by a scientist researching about Fantage.

Each Fantagian has something called an ‘IDfone’. This object acts like a passport, wallet, and gaming device. When a Fantagian simply touches another Fantagian, the IDfone will pop out using the same magnetic properties and it will float in the air.

Fantagians are very distinct from humans. They can only create up to 10 expressions where humans can create up to thousands of expressions.

e1 e2 e3 e4

Figure 5.0: range of facial expressions a fantagian can make.

Fantagians can buy clothes too by shopping at assorted shops! their clothing only comes in one mold and therefore when girls where boy clothes, it does not match their bodies because the clothes mold on differently for the different genders. Also, all fantagians are basically identical. Their body shape only comes in one size, and one size only. So anyone can enjoy great clothes!



Figure 6.0: Female wearing male clothing.

Overall, if Fantage were a real world, it would be creepy. First of all, you would see people flying everywhere and their boards will still be attached to their feet. Also, TELEPORTATION THOUGH. I mean, click on a place you want to go and bam! you’re there. Lastly, you can attend ‘pregnant’ parties. Lets not get into detail about that, k?








26 thoughts on “Fantage, a real world?

  1. I’d cry if fantage was a real world lol. Because clothes are expensive on fantage…so yeah

  2. LOL ” Pets may also be brought to the streets with no leash, but instead a strange magnetic bond between the owner and the pet where the pet will always follow the owner” laughing so hard xD

  3. Wow.. Okay you were way too insensitive just throwing ‘anorexic’ around like it was a toy. I am very offended of how you worded that, probably more offended than I should be but still. I deal with an eating disorder and it is hell. I eat.. but I just purge it. Sometimes I restrict my calories. Sometimes I even fast. Ffs I started playing Fantage when I was 10.. about the same age I started self harming and purging. (2010) You have no idea what the word ‘anorexic’ really means.. so please, before you go around plain out saying ‘People who don’t eat are anorexic.’ So everyone in Africa are anorexic? I’d loved to see you tell someone that. Oh, wait, they’re probably as stupid as you and will actually believe it!

    1. People aren’t perfect and can therefore make mistakes. I understand that what I did was wrong, but you don’t have to write a whole paragraph about it.
      AND call me, and people who live in Africa “stupid”. That’s just rude.

    2. HEY! why do you have to be so mean! it wasn’t meant to make you mad just chill out! you should think before you post things like stupid because some girls uused to say you are so stupid no one like you. you should be dead. well guess what!!! she killed herself! so think before you write something like that

  4. lol thiss is sooo funny! I do wish it was real though….. sometimes I pray I could live on fantage! lol but still. I am about to gooogle how to be on fantage for realsies!!!

  5. It actually would be cool if you could visit here whenever we like XP
    flying on a board looks fun
    getting pets like Pokemon look like fun
    wearing cute clothes look like fun
    The whun don’t look like fun
    and yea xp

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