Hey everyone I am so out of breath because I just suffered I major heart attack called “kawaii attack” and basically it happens when-

UGH WHAT AM I SAYING, TAKE A LOOK AT THESE PICTURES I TOOK! but I’m warning you, you might suffer a fatal heart attack. So scroll at your own risk..Kawaii Kawaii1 Kawaii2Are you still alive? I hope I didn’t kill you too badly. Anyways, someone amazing gave me a bag full of kawaii goodness, and the pictures above is my KCIP. (Kawaii Collection in Progress).

First Image: My KCIP

Second Image: Booklet of Rilakkuma stickies

and the last picture was a double tip pen which I thought was pretty cool ^-^

Oh, and I also got this bookmark called “Comma bookmark” and basically this is it:

kawaii3 kawaii4


The person who thought of “Comma bookmark” was actually quite a genius because you know, comma’s are used when you aren’t done writing something, but in this case its like you’re not done reading it yet!


Anyways, my favorite things I got would probably be the Rilakkuma notebook, stickies, and this bookmark. Most of the things were bought from China or Japan. (My brother went to Japan and got me some stationary 😀 )

Oh, and BONUS QUESTION!! what page of The Fault in Our Stars was that picture taken on? comment below~




22 thoughts on “#2Kawaii4u

      1. Idk, my grandparents bought it for me…
        I think you can get them at Daiso, too..


  2. Um, I have more cute stuff than that. BTW do you know what’s Pusheen? It’s really cute. Go on Pusheen.com

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