The Fantage blogging community…

*note: please do not take this in any offense. The poem below is based on observations, and half of it is just explaining my past*


foolish children putting Copyrights on practically anything.

headers showing no creativity, only the works of Picmonkey.

posts saying nothing but explaining the obvious on Fantage events.

lovers of spam, ham, and jam.

Our community.



Hey guys! so I realized that I posted this instead of saving it as a draft without leaving any explanation! well sorry for those who took it in offense, because I’m going to explain a little something.. maybe eye opening to some people 😀

So I have come across hundreds of Fantage blogs (including mine), and I realized that all of our blogs are so common and similar! like our headers are made using Picmonkey, which isn’t very creative because Picmoney basically does all of the work for us. Like I can recognize if a header was made by Picmonkey because I kind of memorized all of their fonts.

Anyways, I got onto other non Fantage related blogs, and blogs from Tumblr and stuff and I see something called “uniqueness”. Every blog is different, with its own style and what not.

So I just wanted to tell you guys, to truly get inspiration not from other blogs, but from yourself. I know that doesn’t really make sense, but in a way it kind of does. Just think about it. If people just get inspiration from other people, it goes on and on, but it must have started from one person. So true, that is only one person, but are you not a person as well?






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      1. I didn’t see any text at first so I wrote “…” as in “Whaaa?”

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