Spending my summer on Fantage

Day 1 of Summer vacation and I am spending it in the basement with my trusty computer. WHY AM I WASTING MY LIFE. ON FANTAGE. Like seriously all I ever do is hunt down famous people, aka, ordinary Fantagian’s with a high level. Then once I find them, I take a screenshot and try starting a conversation but you know, it fails 99% of the time. The other 1% is the fact that they would say hi.

In a few minutes or so, some of my neighbors are coming to help set up a garden in my backyard! I already have a few strawberries but the FREAKING SQUIRREL keeps on FREAKING COMING, to FREAKING EAT, my freaking strawberries. Like yesterday, I was on my way to the backyard to pick a ripe strawberry and then I saw the FREAKING SQUIRREL EAT IT. I saw it happen live. That just killed me.

For anyone who has a garden, maybe you could relate?



12 thoughts on “Spending my summer on Fantage

  1. At our old house we had strawberries. But the snails gets to it a lot of times. Stupid snails. And yeah, I also HATE the weeds. Damn weeds. At least now at our current house, we only have a small, tiny side garden that can’t really be called a garden. Less gardening work for us all.

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