Top Shop Styles

Hey everyone! welcome back to yet another episode of Top Shop Styles. Click here to see last episodes!

The closing of Trade n Sell has left everyone broke of Stars and eCoins, leading us to desperate measures of asking your parents to purchase virtual currency. BUT WAIT! I have come to save you from such embarrassment! because with this simple guide, member or non, you won’t need to worry about purchasing items with “value” when they got style!

This episodes item is the Black Bun Hair


Its only 400 Stars which is affordable to everyone. If its not, simply go to the Arcade, then play the game called “Splash” 8 times (in multiplayer mode). Now that you have 400 Stars, look below for ways to style it!

This hair is great because it works with the 3 C’s! -> CUTE, CASUAL, AND CHARMING. When you put it with a cute playful outfit, it works because there is a cute baby blue bow. If you put it with a casual outfit, it works because its a high bun, and its a natural color. And lastly, its charming because its a very neat and tidy bun.


So, you’re going for the cute style eh?

  • Don’t wear another hair accessory
  • Pastel and light colors!
  • Bows, hearts, and flowers!

o1 o2


These items are all fairly affordable. Like in the second look, the outfit is from Daily Spin. The shirt in the first outfit is a rare non member item!


o3 o4

The items in the first outfit are from Le Shope, minus the glasses and board. The outfit in the second one looks like its more suitable for the beach!


o5 o6

The first dress is from Le Shope and it is my favorite! its cute and pretty :3 The second dress was from a Christmas event a while back. It was free 🙂


Well, this is all for now! comment below if this helped, or if it did not, and why? was it because you didn’t have the items I had? “Like” this post for more 😀


6 thoughts on “Top Shop Styles

  1. Oh this looks like what I did in fashionable fantagians a while ago. Then I saw you had a link to a previous one you did which were on Feb. So it’s completely fine. This just makes my Shop Styles posts look suspicious. Just to let you know, I didn’t copy xP.

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