Back when I was a kid…

Lol don’t you remember those dumb things you said and did when you were like in grade 1-2-3? Well, I REMEMBER. Back when I was a kid (rofl), I did things like “I won’t be your friend anymore!” and “Spell ICUP” and stupid knock knock jokes on April fools day. I would be like: knock knock, who’s there? APRIL FOOLS!!

So the “I won’t be your friend anymore” was like horrifying if someone said that to you. Because you would believe it. It usually happened when someone wouldn’t share their snacks:

Bob: Can I have a grape?

Me: No.

Bob: Fine then, I won’t be your friend anymore.

Me: Nooo! okay okay fine, here’s a grape.

The ICUP thing was THE JOKE. It would make anyone crack up anytime, even if someone asked you that question twice already.

I don’t know why I can remember this from like 5 years ago, but I can forget what I had for lunch.


8 thoughts on “Back when I was a kid…

  1. LOL, the ICUP thing. When I was in Pre-K, I got bullied and stuff so I didn’t enjoy school :T In first grade, we had that joke and it was hilarious.
    Another Kid Joke:
    Where are you under?

  2. Wow, yea the other day, my little 6 year old cousin came over, and was like, “Spell ICUP”. and I was like, “HAHAHAHA! I already know that joke. -_-”
    Lol, It kinda makes me feel old!

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