Free Fantage Accounts!




U : patricia_baum
P : pattymay1


These are not my accounts, and if they are banned, it isn’t my fault. But I still wanted to share these accounts with you! and I hope you treat it as your own 😀

35 thoughts on “Free Fantage Accounts!

  1. Someone banned both of them.
    The first one was banned two hours ago 😦
    The second one was banned yesterday and I didn’t even go on it.
    Why would people ban such good accounts?

    1. if you say that you love anything on fantage, they will say please save the loving for somewhere else. Only you sees that, though.

  2. i have an account to donate plz dont banned or else i will change pass U:audrey026 Pass: Audrey026 thx

  3. I personally do not recommend free accounts like this, when you make friends and log off someone else gets on later and your friend gets confused thus most likely making them ignore you or take you off their friends list.

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