Treasure Hunters!

Treasure Hunters has arrived! no doubt its probably going to be another dusty board game on the shelf. Just saying, no offense. I’m pretty sure its going to end up like Card Quest LOL.

So, here is some information on it!




Excavate= make (a hole or channel) by digging.

This sounds pretty neat! like, TREASURES?? o-la-la


There it is!


So basically, there is a wall, and under it, there are prizes. The wall has a whole bunch of tiles, you and need to click on each tile 10 times to reveal the prize. But obviously, under most of the tiles is nothing 😦 if you’re lucky, you might get like 10 Stars. And all players will get a medal and levels!

AND IF YOU’RE THE TOP 100, YOU COULD RECEIVE SPECIAL ITEMS AND PRIZES! notice how they said eCoin prizes. It probably means non members too!


Choose a tool!

Since I can’t afford the other fancy shovels, I’ll go with the hobo brush. You can play hourly, which is awesome 😀

The other shovels are expensive for a reason though! and you can get more chips!


We all start with 500 Clicks, which basically equals 50 tiles. I think they should have just given us 50 clicks and each click would reveal a tile, because I think that its kind of pointless.. AND ITS A HAND WORKOUT! lol 😀22


Game over..

The only prizes I got were Stars, and the highest amount I got was 14!







3 thoughts on “Treasure Hunters!

  1. I used my gold to convert into ecoins *facepalm* and I bought the silver one. It used to cost 500 coins, but they changed it :(. This is gonna take 2 forevers to finfh

  2. you actually don’t have to wait every hour for the hobo brush,you can just log out when your chips run out and when you log in you have another 500 chips

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