Fantage Custom Edit

I made this custom edit 🙂



The shorts were intended to be floral print, and it ended up looking like shorts for a 5 year old rofl

but everything else went well!

What do you guys think? hmm?


16 thoughts on “Fantage Custom Edit

    1. Thank you!
      Comments on my blog automatically get approved if the user has previously commented on my blog.
      I haven’t checked my Pending Comments in a while, and I will now 🙂

      btw, I approved her comment.


    my bff zoef223 is missing.
    me and her other bff are looking far and wide for zoef223 however we can never find her and its been 2 weeks now..
    is she banned? did she leave? is she dead? injured? or did she just forget all of a sudden. its not likely that any of these things occur to her so please help me.. im rosebell21 contact me or blueunicorn122

    1. Oh my goodness! I am sorry, but coming to me is no help 😦
      I wish I could, but all I can say is to think positive thoughts.
      Also, are you talking about in Fantage? because she might just be on a break

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