Watched it, read it, CRIED OVER IT.
Yes you heard me, I’m talking about TFIOS. Okay this is kind of random, but before I even heard about The Fault in Our Stars, I kept on seeing ‘TFIOS’ like everywhere and I thought it was an acronym involving the eph (F) word. Yea and you’re probably sitting there laughing at me, but guys, I’m secretly Patrick Star. I live under a rock. Get over it. (Wow was that a pun?)

K so I don’t know why I keep on postponing this post because I watched and read it 2 weeks ago; I watched the movie and like I should have bought double ply tissue papers but you know, I’m me, and me forgot. Plus, I knew that I would cry because I’M A TOUGH COOKIE and I have never ever ever! (sorry TS reference) cried in a movie 😀


So the sleeves of my sweater after the movie were like “aha don’t mind me. I’m just ganna sit here.” Anyways, even when (spoiler alert, highlight at your own risk) Gus dies, NOBODY CRIED. NO SNIFFLES. WHAT.

Now here in the question.

Book, or movie?


Because you see, in a book, you can’t really see him

but in the movie, you can.

Therefore the movie is better, no?

But the ending of the book, I must say is better.

My supporting reasons are too good for what you have to say.

Good bye.

Oh and Peter Van Houten needs to crawl into a potato sack so I can take him to Narnia. Okay?


5 thoughts on “WATCHED TFIOS

  1. I’m watching it on Saturday in 2 weeks’ time cuz my friend badly wants to see it. I haven’t read the book yet. But apparently the movie was as good as the book.

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