This became popular in the US like over months ago.

but in general, I wasn’t very fond of K-Pop

I only know very little of k-pop songs.

And I’m Korean.


some are like obsessed with them, I listen to it rarely ;-;

(I’m a disgrace. lol)

but I’ve been obsessed with these two songs lately.

I don’t think they are actually k-pop songs because they aren’t that pop, but they call it k-pop anyway.

^has a good tune. I listen to it like 20 times a day. LOL

^Idk. I just like it. lol. It’s mixed with english (obviously)


I think Korea is liking America a lot or something.

because they put it in english and not in like… Spanish.


I like K-pop, I just don’t listen to it a lot.


**sony vegas pro 12 is downloading on my brother’s desktop *v* so I can animate with fantage and maplestory 😀


11 thoughts on “K-Pop

  1. i wuv kpop o.o u dont wanna see my history… its either fantage or kpop… then a little bit of my web design homework stuff eheheheh

  2. Hi guys I m bae suzy from miss a I love you all for your kpop appreciatment and for your support I love you guys and keep your hard work up :))))) byeeeee have a nice day

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