Fantagian Match Up!

Who are you most like?

Haru, Midori, or Emi?

There is a description of each character at the top. Squint to see (lol).

I’ll be making more, and I’m going to put all of them on a page 😀

yes. this is official.

Comment below which one is most like you!!



17 thoughts on “Fantagian Match Up!

  1. I’m like Emi but I’M NOT 14 OKAY AND I DON’T HAVE TUMBLR 😛 and Haru sounds too… too… um… “oh kawaii! eeee yay!”… (childish lol wut) I’m DEFINITELY NOT like Midori because I don’t EVEN have Astro and it’s not like as if I have thousand pets… XD

    I learn Japanese btw! 🙂
    Midori means green and Haru means (season) spring.. RIGHT?

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