Perpetual Motion.

Journal Entry #1

I was walking in a preserved piece of nature that’s only purpose is to live. The array environment settled my mind, but at the same time brought questions. Parks are for us humans to enjoy, but at the same time the reason why the earth is so wrenched is because of us. The irony. I guess parks are just temporary like anything, or anyone. Nothing goes on in perceptual motion. “Nothing gold can stay”- Robert Frost. I looked up from the scattered gravel to the blue sky, patched by towering trees. I thought in my mind, if the sky goes on forever, then what would it be like it trees did too? I pictured it in my head. But I couldn’t stop. It went on forever, as if in perpetual motion.

Question: Do you think the universe would ever come to an end? leave your reply in the comments below! don’t worry if your answer sounds silly. After all, nobody knows.


12 thoughts on “Perpetual Motion.

      1. Ok it’s kinda complicated and doesn’t make too much sense if you are hearing it for the first time but… Here goes! Basically, my religion believes that there is this “Day of Judgement.” On this day, the world will come to an end and everyone will be questioned about their deeds/sins. You can google “Day of Judgement Info ” or something like that for more…

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