making my way downtown…

Making my way downtown-




The End.

See what I just did there? lol. Just imagine people screaming random tryouts in downtown. In real life. Like you’re just walking around and then suddenly someone just stands right in front of you and started yelling “BFF TRYOUTS MY PLC!” on Fantage you’d be like “ew move”. In real life I’d be seriously concerned about that person and would probably call the police.

anyways, lets just continue imagining what might happen…

what if, someone actually started yelling “BFF TRYOUTS MY PLC”? well I guess he’ll take a whole bunch of random people home and start asking stupid questions like “whats your fav color?” “fav food?”

then be like, “steve! you’re my bff because we like the same color!! omg we are perf ❤ ”

honestly BFF tryouts shouldn’t even be a thing on Fantage because its always just a game of “who’s most like me”. The way to get a BFF on Fantage is to actually hang out with them for a long time 🙂 what do you think?




8 thoughts on “making my way downtown…

  1. I kinda think the Fantage way is nice. You can at least know that they have similar interest, and maybe determine if they are close to your age group. When you hang out, it could be anyone, and you can’t really tell a lot about them from hanging out because they usually make jokes and stuff.

  2. People in fantage when they say tryoutz some people say “(Something) Tryoutz my PLCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Awesome awesome awesome!” Just to ge everyones attention or something. They’re just trying to make it sound cooler.

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