Impatience- Who’s fault is it?


When internet first came out, I guess patience was really key. Expect a 10 minute wait to load a page, and possibly get disconnected at 99 percent because of an incoming phone call. Yes, you would get DISCONNECTED by a phone call. Can you imagine that? say you were playing Fantage and you were in the middle of a double trade and you got disconnected by a phone call. Or maybe you were typing up a long post and as you were about to click save, YOU GET DISCONNECTED. Ah, the good ole days.

As technology advanced and evolved, so did our “patience tank.” Every time the latest technology came out, a bit of the time in our tank would get sucked out. How? I mean people are just getting more and more impatient. When we are using technology, such as the computer, we’re speeding through pages, clicking here and there getting redirected to new pages almost instantly. We can send a messages to people from across the globe, where back then people would sit down and write long letters.

I remember when I was young(er), I would be using a huge box computer to play Fantage. OH MY GOSH THE LAG. I would have to wait minutes until the home page even loaded. But I wasn’t impatient because that’s just how things rolled back then; now waiting the few seconds for “67 %” to finish loading was like AHHHHH

anyways. long post. sorry.

what are your thoughts?






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