Fantage Lights Off Event!


Hey guys! Fantage just released another event, and its probably familiar to you. Its the Blackout Event! yep, the exact same one from 2012… well, its actually worse because the one in 2012 had 2 games with prizes, AND everything now is paid with Gold. No Stars or eCoins, just Gold. So I guess it sucks for both members and nons.

Limited Items Sale


These items are the exact same from the event in 2012. I actually don’t mind because Fantage is bringing back old items for the same price (except its in Gold). I bet Fantage is going to continue using old events and using the same items.. MAYBE ONE DAY, ALL OUR FAVORITE ITEMS WILL BE BROUGHT BACK! like Surfer Hair, Winter Green etc.. so for now, don’t spend your Gold on expensive limited items at MyMall. Just wait for it, it might be brought back through an event.

How to Play


Notice how it said “Win a Star” So basically since there is only 10 candles to light up for each costume, that’s basically 10 Stars in total. But of course, that’s not all you get! you can get nice prizes 😀 Take a look below:


See? if I had Gold, I would buy the blue candle costume because I love the hair and dress. The green prizes are great too! to get these prizes purchase a costume. Or you can reuse your old costume from 2012 (If you have it).



All costumes are 1,500 Gold. It’s a good price since you can get 10 Stars and great items from it.

Candle Locations

*note: candles can be inside places*

Yellow: Outside of the Hall of Fame, the right side of Vintage Gold, 2 Outside of the Arcade, Mt. Fantage on the very right side, outside of Stellar Salon (its on top of the sign “Use your Game Cards”, inside Star Cafe, inside Vintage Gold, inside Furniture Shop

Blue: Outside of Top Models, Outside of IDfone Shop, outside of The Palm Dance Club, outside of ship on water, outside of arcade, outside of Pet Academy, 2 on the very left at the forest (near secret adventure)

Green: Right of MyMall, left of Super Power Shop (downtown), on the deck at the beach, outside of ship on water, outside Castle, near lucky Bob’s on grass, outside of Zack’s Theatre, inside Star Cafe, inside Stellar Salon, very left inside Castle,

Red: Left of Costume Shop, outside of Star Cafe, beside “The Beach” sign, at lighthouse, Pet town (left), outside castle, inside Le Shope, inside Jesters Costume Shop, inside Board Shop, very left inside Castle

Purple: Left of Super Power Shop (downtown), at lighthouse, 2 outside of Arcade, Pet town, near grotto, 2 outside of Comet (Mt. Fantage),

**this is all I could find! please leave a comment below if you know where the candles that I haven’t mentioned about are**

visit this section often for any updates!


31 thoughts on “Fantage Lights Off Event!

  1. Cloud, you forgot the candle inside the super power shop for the Yellow candles. ~Lunarla-chan~ oh and thanks for adding me. 🙂 i was being kinda weird. XD

  2. theres update: now the costome made gold and stars! FINALLY SOME FREEDOM MONEY!!!!! rlly no joke!and if ur non mems or mems u can get it with stars too if u want! 😀

  3. the last yellow candle’s in the SP (Super Power) Shop lolz again hope dis helps 😀 gonna see if i can find any others dat arent on the list!

  4. dont forget that there are actually 4 blue candles on mount fantage! Mkae sure you check the full room thank you so much this post really helped me

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