We all know that in this new event, the costumes must be purchased by using Gold right?



There are no Premium Membership signs on any of the costumes.. well now, look at the update!:



now members can use Stars to buy the costumes!2


And the Yellow Torch Costume is for non  members..

is this a coincidence? because around 5 hours ago, I posted a comment on Facebook on Fantage’s picture:


I asked them if they could give us the option to use Stars to purchase stuff (instead of only Gold).

Guys, thank me.

LOL jkjk its probably just a coincidence 😀


13 thoughts on “FANTAGE EVENT UPDATE- OMG!

  1. TYSM CLOUD!!!!!!!!!! NOW VERY VERY VERY hopefully when fantage post new event(or the old event becuz they too lazy to do the new event)will put stars AND gold again or maybe gold AND ecoins!:D i rlly lov ur blog!;)

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