Omg hey guys, I have really awesome news for all you kawaii lovers! So today I went to Daiso which is a Japanese dollar store and I got some cute school supplies! Such as: notebooks, stickies and other stuff. For this giveaway, you must give me your address so I can send the prize!


If you’re interested in joining, leave a comment below so I can prepare better :3 please and thank you! This giveaway will be ready for you guys this week. photos of the prizes will be posted! 🙂



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33 thoughts on “surprise: KAWAII SUPPLIES GIVEAWAY!

  1. Dear Cloud,

    I’m very glad that you are letting you’re subscribers get a chance to get some KAWAII items!

    May I suggest something though? Be sure to add in the OFFICIAL contest, “If under the age of 18, please get parents’ permission!”
    A lot of Youtubers have tried to do these kind of these, forgot to add that in, and Youtube wouldn’t allow it!
    I would LOVE to join, and would love it if you got to do a “Points Contests” (hint hint, wink wink) instead of a randomizer. I tried doing a randomizer thing, and many people hated on me and my friend Crystal Heart and I was feeling like it was a Minecraft Mob invasion! 😦

    Thank you!

      1. I’m gonna ask my Mom.
        My dad is probably gonna say no. Like most Asian parents, he thinks that if I give a stranger personal information,
        they’ll use it to steal money, murder me, use credit card #s, etc.

        But I trust you 🙂

  2. wat
    do i just go up to my parents, ”can i plz give my address to my friend cloud on wordpress?”
    they dont even know i have a blog tho..

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