6 thoughts on “I sure am lucky

  1. Lol! When I wanted to see the value of my frisky and tried to spin the wheel, all I had were ones! And is I didn’t sell of course. I wouldn’t have. Also, there’s a cheat for mems to get rich! They can sell the premium member gift at lucky bobs and get a jackpot of 40,000!

    1. ugh i wish i was mem 😦 i kno tht cheat and when i was at lucky bobs,many mems were at lucky bobs and says”OMG I GOT 1,000,000 STARS!!!YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!” and i was like”wat the..?MILLION!??!?”and they said”yes,MILLION OF STARS!!!:D”and im jst like”….wow….where did u get 1,000,000 stars???im so borken!:(“they said”from premium member gift!!:)” now im like…”..wow….now im jst sad and rlly borkn…;-;”yup thts how mai life goes..

  2. Hi, as u know dere are a lot of scammers nowadays. Well, I wanna trade accounts with someone. I have lots of accounts. Members, no members. For those of you who desperately want members, your in luck!!! Reply to this email and tell me your email so I can email you an account.
    But first I would prefer it if someone told me their account first, then I can either give them a member (not rare) for a super rare non-member. I only have 3 of those so hurry!!
    NO BANNING or SCAMMING my accounts I give you or your dead…I will change da pass and ruin your reputation…muhahahahahaaha!
    Lol. Ok, so let’s get this straight….
    I will not give a member away for a sucky non! NO WAY!! You want a member? First make yer non good peeps!! xD.
    Den I will seeeeeeeeeeeeeee. O oi. What will I see? Hehe.
    Lol ok so …… Bai Bai!!!
    I vill be back!!!!!

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