What I Love Right Now

Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino

My mom bought a whole box of them


So technically, coffee.

(copied picture from google images btw)

It looks exactly like that.

My mom won’t let me have them obviously, even with milk, #strictasianparents

They’re only for Mom, My mom’s cousin (she’s here for the summer :P), and my dad

Here’s the story when my mom brought them home


*mom comes home from cosco with box*

mom: Lets drink one, I’m thirsty

Sunny (That isn’t her name, her name is in Korean but Her name has the sun sound In it :P): Okay.

*after they drink 2 bottles while I stare at the coffee; frappes*

mom: Lets go watch [insert Korean drama or funny reality show here]!

Sunny: Okay!

*when they go off to my room cuz they like it .__. lol*

*10 minutes later*

me: *gets some of the leftover from bottle 2 and drinks*

me: (/* ̄7 ̄*)/ *flies to heaven*

*few hours later while on the couch with laptop*

mom: Did you drink this all yourself!?!

me: no… >.>

mom: oh really.

me: yes…… <~<;;

mom: Fine then…..

*later on that day*

me: *steals a few bottles*

mom: *comes in* I’ve swore I didn’t drink this much

me: *in my closet drinking them like I’m drunk or something*

mom: hmmmm .-_-.

*few more hours later*

me: hALlO JOsiE ヘ(。□°)ヘ

Josie (sister): umm…. hi…..

me: *hugs her to death*

Josie: *practically dying*


me: ow.

Mom: did you drink 2-3 bottles of the frappaccinos?

me: no.

Mom: *death stare*

me: no.

Mom: *deadlier stare to the point her eyes pop out and that she’s gonna slap me with a ruler*

me: maybe..

mom: okay then. I’ll let you go, but don’t drink the frappaccinos ever again. They’re not good for you and [insert the rest of what she said here]

me: kay.


So basically, It’s my story to get into jail LOLOL

I actually have been drinking this frappaccino in this fridge for 2 days and I finihed it today *^*

well ya

coffee makes me drunk, don’t let me have coffee from you.


I’m a Baka



18 thoughts on “What I Love Right Now

  1. I do not evben know how I ended upp here, but I thought this post was good.
    I don’t know who yoou are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if
    you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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