I’ll just tell you guys

How to get the items for free.

Basically, there are 2 ways.

1. Go in any English server

2. Click on the new item you want

3. Buy it with eCoins even if you have none.

4. Ta-da!

The other way is going to the Spanish Server doing the same thing 🙂


59 thoughts on “I’ll just tell you guys

  1. Thank You!Even if you have a lot of ecoins,IT WON”T GO TO WASTE!
    My friend really needed this since she’s been playing fantage since 2009 and she doesn’t really have a lot of ecoin things.This really helped her!Your the best.

  2. is does not work! please help. i have done what u told me, i went on the server ruby rhino, and i tried buying the boards, the clothes, the hairs too. nothing worked. is it possible that they already fixed the cheat/glitch?

  3. Lol i knew this cheat 😛 and got all the items but i tried again today on all my accounts and it stoped working Lol

  4. umm this doesn’t work on any of the verisons… It worked on, maybe, the 2nd day they released the items? I already knew about this but seriously this doesn’t work anymore :/ (at least for me?)

  5. Omg I got all the items except the boards I had 3,331 ecoins I’m member though and then I only have like 1,234 left! I think someone reported or too much of the news got spread…

    1. yeah Everytime Fantage discovers a free glitch, they’ll remove eCoins from your account if you purchased a free item.
      I only recommend this glitch for people with no eCoins like me lol

      1. yeah I personally don’t care about eCoins because I barely have any XD I have like 75 of them maybe? But it felt good to get all those free items :3 (You can see my profile picture, I got the member items on!)

  6. But… it won’t work! I think I did something wrong! Also this may sound stupid but what’s an English and Spanish server? I’m new to Fantage and I am really confused!

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