Gizmo’s Q-BLAST!


Hey everyone! Fantage has totally revamped the super power shop! well, they technically replaced it with a game but its still owned by Gizmo. To me the outside of the shop looks like a whole bunch of Minecraft blocks stuck together lol 😀 (except for that bunny rofl).



So this is the intro into the new game^

Honestly I think Fantage should start thinking their own ideas for games. Like “squeeky shoe” is a copy of Flappy Bird and the “Farm” is a copy of Farmville. Now this! this game is a copy of Super BombermanBut oh well, its fun to play 🙂

Here is the inside:



I like the inside. It looks pretty high tech! and the cube things look like humongous iPads. Great job Fantage on this! although I do wonder why they changed everything and created a place just for one game.. #tryhard (jkjk lol). Also, they completely removed the Super Power Shop and instead if you were looking for the catalog, its over here:

g8 g9

How to Play


Don’t hold up the game! when you join a game, press “Ready”.



That’s what it looks like when you enter a game. If you were the host, you can change maps.

g5 g6

These are the power ups! you’ll just sometimes see some of them during the game. Its all random. To use a power up, all you have to do is run over it.



If you are a member, you can receive these for free in the 17th of every month. (January 17th, Feb 17th etc).

Lets Play

11  <You will have a green arrow on you when you start the game. It will disappear as you play.

66 <If someone is behind you, run and drop a whole bunch of bombs and quickly turn!

22 <Drop a bomb then move out of the way. Bombs will only explode in one direction (hehe I’m so immature rofl) in situations like this.

44<But if there is lots of space, it will go 2 directions.

33<Most common power up! if you get hit by a bomb, you won’t die. Its basically an extra life.

What about earning Stars?

Yeah sorry to say this but, you don’t earn any Stars for this game. At the end of a game, you earn “experience” to level up (only in the game). The levels are also quite pointless. If you lose a game, you go down 1 level. And if you win, you gain a level.

I think this game is just for fun :/




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