Fantage doodles!

Hey everyone! today, me and smileyselena100 were on Fantage and we decided to draw each others Fantagians :3 It was really fun! here is how it went: first, we would change into something, then we draw each other. Selena was being mean by wearing a whole bunch of cray cray clothes like a hat on a hat smh.

Here are pictures of my doodles 😀

Doodle1 Doodle2 Doodle3 Doodle4 Doodle5 Doodle6 Doodle7 Doodle8


Not all of them are drawings of Selena >.<

Anyways, each doodle took less than 2 minutes. It was really fun because we were Skyping at the same time! 😀

comment below which one is your favorite ❤


23 thoughts on “Fantage doodles!

  1. I like the sixth best. P.S. How do you get a one on your face? I’ve been trying to figure it out for AGES. X)

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