weba to me

so if you haven’t noticed, I just came back from living in the wilderness and literally there are probably some pine needles still stuck in my hair but oh whales. Also, the reason why I didn’t tell you guys I went camping ahead of time was because you know.. dem stalkers.. like I would be camping then someone would find me and force me to play Fantage with them in the middle of the night ;-; LOL

anyways, I checked Fantage; same old same old. The Star Cafe is still ghetto as it was, and downtown is still screwed up like the usual 🙂

Nothing new to update, just wanted to say hi! (you better weba me in the comments… loljk). Also, tell me where you have been going this summer! I wanna hear it so I can tell you how more fun I had HEHEHEH nao I’m jk.

Here are a few bad quality photo’s that I took on the way:

1 2 3 4





11 thoughts on “weba to me

  1. hola! Im SO LATE :3 That last pic kinda reminds me of Rio 2. When the bad guys were trying to take down the trees. 😉 Am I right or am I right?

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