Fantage Singer Base!

Hi everyone! the new event is out:


Its pretty much like any other Fantage event. You know, you buy a costume, and search for objects and redeem them for some sort of prize. Nothing new, same old same old.

Anyways, I made a base for one of the costumes! here it is:



Free to use, no credit needed

The non Member costume is actually my favorite this time ^-^

I think her outfit and hair is really cute 🙂

So if you want to use them, I took them apart for your convenience:


I edited the top part a lot because the base on the costume was smaller for some reason, and the arms were covering most of it.

Enjoy! ^-^



5 thoughts on “Fantage Singer Base!

  1. Reblogged this on A Vintage Child and commented:
    Just because im a little lazy today. ALLTHOUGH i did change the song of the day so props to me. And also because this post is real.

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