chips n pizza

So I was in that mood craving for junk food like chicken wings, chips, fries, *drools*, and liak anything junky and unhealthyy mmhm yum. My globness I could hypnotize myself I mean the list just goes on and I just wan’t it all like yolo, or if I was sitting in a pile of food I would be like “let it gooo” *eats*

So anyways, I was craving that. And you know them Asian parents, well, MY Asian parents.. literally no junk food in the house. The closest thing to junk food I have are granola bars.

k so back to the story:

Me: moooom I’m hungry

*cricket cricket*

Me: I want something salty

mom: Ok then eat some bread

Me: o-o

Me: BREAD?! ;-;

well yeah end of story, but there you go. A mini preview of my life c: now in the comments below, tell me all the snacks you have in your house! or if you’re like me, its probably just bread o^o

bai guys!



13 thoughts on “chips n pizza

  1. you really sound like me
    but fruits solve your problems XD
    like i eat 3-5 fruits a day

  2. LOL my family has a time restriction though. ( featuring a few minutes ago before you posted this)
    Me: (rubs stomach becuz mom is on earphones)
    Me: IM HUNGRY!! Can I eat avacado? ( wit vinegar and salt yummy!)
    Mom: NAO! Too late! 9:00! Bish you wanna be fatty again?
    Me: no…;-;
    (Later Nike just right now..)
    Me:hey mom.
    Mom: whut?
    Me:hingreh! ;-;
    Mom: ( goes to DA kitchen, goes to DA fridge takes a foil covered flat thing to me)
    Me: is this grandmas bread? With jalapeño? ( though I got it wrong she got bacon sandwich)
    Mom: yup wit out the jalapeño that is, its bacon sandwich!( from a casino place. Those places..but at least I ate?)
    Mom:(uses glass casseroles top and cuts sandwich into 4 pieces) microwave them for 30 seconds!
    Me:kk ( microwaves, later on)
    Me,mom: ( we each eat one and then she splits another piece in half to eat and the last one is for my big brother)
    Yuum!( me, drinks water. These days the shops I goto don’t have the fresh/whatever mountain water anymore so we use the jug waters)
    The end LOL we were watching transformers 4 movie.

  3. Me: mom im hungryyyyyyy
    mom: then eattttt
    Me: we have no food im going to diee of starvationnnn
    mom: then dieee

    C: so I buy my snacks at school, they sell all sorts of fatty fun food

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