Bring old Fantage back?

“Management does what they want, however they want, when they want. They will demand new projects be started and set insane deadlines, regardless of what other projects we are working on already. Multiple times I tried to voice my opinion about the mismanaged schedule and lack of a producer on staff but they do not listen. Your well being and opinions are of no concern to upper management. They do not listen to reason.”- Fantage employee Fort Lee, NJ (US)

//cough cough

first I must say, “The past is in the past”. 


Hey guys. So Idk how this post is going to turn out. But its probably going to be an unpopular opinion. So today’s topic is, my response to “Bringing back old Fantage”. I’m sure we’ve all heard of this suggestion.

OldFantageBut what does it mean? how do you revive the past? I interpret this as bringing back old Fantage customs. For example, cheaper prices, more unique events (with amazing prizes), better quality game experience for non members, and only 2 types of currency that is obtainable without purchase of real money. To sum that all up, I think people just want a simple virtual world where you can hang out with friends, and access the whole game without spending real money. 

If you think about the obvious, which is, if present day Fantage never existed, then complaining about bringing back the past wouldn’t be relevant . I mean there’s nothing to change, unless if Fantage just stayed the same, maybe a new complaint would be to update Fantage more, or to be more creative. Maybe either way, we’ll still think of a way to bug Fantage.

I actually think that a huge part of this whole “Bring back old Fantage” plead is not to blame on Fantage.. a part of why we want old Fantage back is because there was no scamming, strange tryouts, and inappropriate Fantagians. I mean “lebz my plc”, “saix grotto” and “strjjp clubs” is all normal to us in modern day Fantage. So you see, we are contributing to something we want to change. (Did that make sense..). I guess we’re kind of being hypocrites then. 

An employee from Fantage even said “Your well being and opinions are of no concern to upper management. They do not listen to reason.” In conclusion, if Fantage just stayed the way it originally was, I would think that more complaints would be brought up. Such as, “be more creative Fantage!”, “We want change!” or something like that.


8 thoughts on “Bring old Fantage back?

  1. I agree with you. “Old Fantage” is never coming back and even if it did people will still criticize.

  2. well old fantage was great! I just wish that there wernt any stupid red words!! I dontt say any of tthat innapropiate stuff like if I am saying hang out my place!! it will say something like plz stop being innapropiate or it will just say friend. so I kinda want old fantagge and new fantage. maybe the only reason I like new fantage is bc I am a mem. who will ever know ps

    I am not one of those mean mems

  3. I can see the creators are trying really hard to keep us entertained and I admire that, but the one thing i missed about old fantage was the old areas. What I don’t like about the current fantage is how they downsized it. Only a few of those areas can be assesed using cheats. I know I’ll never get those places back but the one improvement i would like to see in fantage is for the designers to develop a max selling price at my mall! I get that some items I super popular but these prices are getting ridiculous! 3000 more gold should be highest profit someone can makein my opinion.

  4. i really really miss the old fantage please bring it back or let fantage make an access to what date we wanna go back to OR make a vote with fantagians as to which date do we want to go back to

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