Fantage Level Plates


Okay honestly when I first saw this I was like “face palm”. It feels like Fantage is trying too hard.. and I think these new “Plates” will cause more drama like nons vs members. In the banner, it even says “show off your level” and “look cool“. smh.

Oh and it costs Gold obviously.



You can access this through your IDfone as well:

ok3Others cannot see your Plate Inventory when they click on your IDfone.

Take a look at what they look like:


Now here are opinions of what other people think!


“They are completely useless“- smileyselena100

tacky.”- xturi

I think its just too much for Fantage. And it all started with SS items.





12 thoughts on “Fantage Level Plates

  1. agree………
    but I don’t think it will cause drama for non vs mem cuz need gold and both nons and mems can get…….. :/

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