Header|Starter Kit

Hey there bloggers! I made this post just for you guys ❤

I went around and looked at a few blogs. I noticed a large amount of Fantage bloggers having the same style header. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I just thought that the header was quite an important piece to your blog that displayed your own creativity and style.. and maybe this post may help you grasp onto whats true to you!

Okay. Lets start off with a blank mind. Forget about all those tutorials. Figure out your own style whether its kawaii, simple, intricate, etc. I find a blog more interesting when its not like the rest. I like different blogs because they all have a different taste. Just like food! image how boring it would be if all food had the same taste. Same goes with blogs 🙂 An example of a blog with their own style would be Fantage Smiley Selena! compare it with another blog and you’ll see the difference.

Now time for the kits we’ve all been waiting for! 😀

My favorite fonts kit


All fonts are free to download!

Header Bases

I put together some header bases! they can be used for inspiration, or to use. (Some header bases have examples!)


^click me!


^click me!





Tumblr Transparents



I don’t know about you guys, but I like having some sort of picture that somewhat represents the season in my header 😀


-Adobe Photoshop CS2

^Photoshop is free to download. Your headers will look a lot unique if if you use this program 🙂


^A simple site for starters! easy to use, and lots of fun. I used Picmonkey at first, but I couldn’t do things I wanted to do so I downloaded Photoshop.


Well, that’s about it guys! making a header takes some practice. It took me a couple weeks to get the hang of it. I hope this kit helped you get started off on making a header 🙂 if it did, please give this post a like. And comment below, because I want to hear your opinions. If you want more posts like this, also let me know. Suggestions are always welcome.




8 thoughts on “Header|Starter Kit

  1. I basically spammed my laptop downloading a few million fonts ;P
    Here a few (million) that I like c:
    Airplanes in the Night Sky
    Are you Freakin’ Serious
    Chocolate Covered Raindrops
    End of the Dream
    Janda Swirly Twirly
    KG A LITTLE SWAG (bunting
    KG chasing Cars (bunting
    KG Only*Hope
    KG Royals (bunting
    KG Summer Sunshine
    KG Summer Sunshine Blackout
    my dream
    Pineapple Delight
    Quirky & Messy
    Set Fire to the Rain
    Shadows Into Light
    Technically, But Not Actually
    This is Ridiculous
    Throw My Hands Up in the Air
    Tuna and Hot Dogs on Rye
    where stars shine the brightest
    Yummy Cupcakes

      1. lucky…………
        I can’t download ToT
        but the fonts are so cool………
        I wan’t photoshop but I can’t get it >.>
        I like the transparent palmtree 😀

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