Taylor Swift Fashion

Hey guys! 

so if you didn’t know already, Taylor Swift has a new song called “Shake it Off”. Honestly at first before the video began, I saw so many dislikes which made the video more intriguing because how can someone dislike a Taylor Swift video? psh. Haters gonna hate. THEN I watched the video which has the exact lyrics “haters gonna hate” which was quite ironic. I think the reason why people disliked the video was because Taylor Swift used to be all country and now shes slowly transitioning into pop 😛

ITS SO CATCHY THOUGH. And I can’t not notice how pretty she was aha and I could actually relate to this video.. I love how she was so awkward when she danced (just like mee). Anyways, TIME FOR THE FASHION SEGMENT 😀

I really love her style. Here are some photo’s!

Comment below your favorite outfit! 😀


21 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Fashion

  1. It’s like so inappropriate the new song. Taylor made. And I think she should stick with country music cause she’s better at it.

  2. um if you’re going to post stuff that’s not fantage, you should name your blog something else because this post is really irrelevant you should call your blog a lifestyle and gaming blog instead ok

    1. Erm well…I think that’s fine too…since she says Taylor Swift’s FASHIONS. And this blog is Fantage WARDROBE…so yeah…

      1. taylor swift is not a virtual pixel character shes a living celebrity wat does that have to do with fantage fashion i mean i guess they’re both “fashion” but one is real and one is pixel?? idk im just saying u should consider changing the topics because like some other bloggers said, it’s irrelevant to post about tutorials, real life fashion, etc. instead of fantage that means your blog isnt even fantage anymore i mean if 2/3 of ur blog is gonna be randomness just call it “Cloud Spy” or something bc that sounds soooo cool

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