People of Fantage


1. The black people who aren’t black in real life (omg this sounds racist but its not meant to be).

2. The people who jump 24/7

3. The Window posers

4. The people who have back up accounts so they can say whatever they want


1. The people who advertise their tryouts at someone else’s tryouts


2. The hosts who yell “WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!1!!!1!”


3. The hosts who kick people out to the castle within 2 seconds

4. The people who don’t go to the wall when the host yells “WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!1!!!1!”


1. The people who conveniently plop right on top of you as if you aren’t there.

2. The people who have SS items and are blocking lots of people:

Screenshot_2014-08-21-16-17-04-1 LOL

3. People who say “last call!” but don’t mean it

4. Lets not forget the people who need family members

Oki thats all I could think off 😀 comment below if you know anymore! I might add them on to my post.




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