so I bought Gold on Fantage.

//face palm


I spent $10 for 11,000 Gold. 

Now I have 65,000 Gold because I sold a lot of items for a really good price. And apparently I sold something for 10,000 Gold which was worth like 100,000 Gold. o-o

anyways, if you have Gold and you want to buy/trade with me, comment below!

I’m looking for…

-Coin glow sticks (any color)

-Coin Chloe hair

-Coin surfer hair

-Black pleated skirt


26 thoughts on “WHY DID I DO IT

  1. cloud………..
    can I have that hair you said you were going to give me?
    I know this sounds a little rude but but but but
    I REALLY WANT TI SO BADLY for some weird reason idk >.>
    I’m not trying to sound rude TcT

  2. hey cloud xD do you possibly have pink streak hair or CC hair xD I know such expensive stuff… I have 2,??? gold left so yeah LOL But I don’t know if I have stuff you really want..

  3. wow..HOW LUCKY >:O anyways,so if i have gold,i have some great items 😉 okei not “awesome” but “great” o_o lol xD so heres some items im gonna sell/trade if i have some gold 🙂

    ~big bunny ears (coined)
    ~long and elegant hair (coined)
    ~flowery archer hair (coined)
    ~2009 wizard party cape (coined and from lucky bot,btw when u wave it will turns into purple and yellow :D)
    ~robotic jet suit (coined and from lucky bot,got tht from glitch xD)
    ~animated rubix cube (coined and from lucky bot)
    ~angel feather board (coined)
    ~dinamina’s furry tail (starred and member)
    so u can pick any of the items up here ^ 🙂 and i will cost the gold cheap! (if only i had one ;-;)

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