Fantage BTS Outfits!

Its back to school on Fantage!

hmmm. what to wear.. what to wear..

1. Don’t be that person who’s over dressed on the first day 


I mean sure, first impressions, but you’re going to school, not a ball. I see this a lot in real life too. People come to school like wearing high heels, prom dresses and the next day they wear jeans 😛 whats the big deal on the first day of school? 

2. Go nerdy!

bts bts1bts6


books, bags, glasses- anything “nerdy”. This is where you can use that free bag you got from playing “Book it or Bucket”! or that “I love books” shirt sold at Vintage Gold. 

3. Casual~



Navy green is the trend like always 🙂 

4. Gym class!


tie your hair up into a ponytail! get some sneakers on, and you’re ready for gym class. For the top, I would wear a simple T-shirt, and for shorts, any shorts are fine. Make sure not to wear any accessories or makeup! 

Comment below your favorite outfit!



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