Would you wear that in real life?

**ignore the board**




^I would wear that!



looks great on Fantage but… have you eevr seen someone walking around downtown in real life holding a fly swatter? LOL2

^I would wear that!



y’know, just casually holding a bone.



Its super bright outside, but I feel the need to wear glow sticks.


^I would wear that!


^I would wear that!



^I would wear that!


Hmmm.. I don’t know about this one. I would, but its too high fashion for me. This outfit would be perfect for a fashion show, I mean look at that jacket. So edgy- literally!


16 thoughts on “Would you wear that in real life?

  1. Omg! The last one is what I wear every day. How did you know! Isn’t it totes high fashion and good quality? And the octopus hat, it just says fierce doesn’t it?

  2. I wouldn’t wear the third one in real life because…well, I mean, walking around in something so high that it looks like underwear?

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