Its official.

Gold has pretty much taken over Fantage.

Events: Gold

MyMall: Gold

Cody’s Crazy Combo’s: Gold

Lucky Bot: Gold & eCoins

Level Title Plates: Gold

New House released: Gold

new1 new2

Honestly I think that’s pretty unacceptable.

15 thoughts on “Its official.

  1. IKR! In my opinion ( maybe this is biased on the fact I don’t have gold) ecoins are better. Why? You don’t have to pay and *before all this gold happened * you could get any member item! Without paying a dime. Back in the old days… 😢

  2. Ikr? I miss the old days when you could use stars and ecoins for limited items. I don’t have any gold and I want some but I can’t get any. They have to give more options that don’t involve paying money. If you don’t have gold, you’re pretty bored with events and stuff.

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