OK WELL CATI2 DECIDED TO RECORD AFTER “KITTY SCAMMED”. BUT LETS JUST KEEP IN MIND, THAT NOBODY GOT SCAMMED. Ah, now you want to find out what really happened no? continue reading.

So me and my friend Kitty28833 were at the MyMall lobby. Kitty then asks me if I could lend her some Gold. And yes, I trusted that I she would return me the Gold I lent her when she had enough because I lent her Gold before. This time, she only need 600 Gold. She tells me to come to her kiosk on floor 4. When we get to her floor, CatI2 who was at the lobby came to floor 4 as well. Then Kitty posts something random for 600 Gold for me to buy. I tried to buy it, but it turned out that CatI2 bought it. She wasn’t supposed to be there so we ignored the fact that she donated 600 Gold to kitty. Then, Kitty posts something else for 600 Gold and I buy it.

What happened next? Cat started to call Kitty a “scammer”. Why? I HONESTLY DON’T KNOW. Then Cat started to record and was acting all innocent like “GIVE MY GOLD BACK!” and what not. But first of all, why would she give back the Gold when you wanted to donate Gold? and why did you follow us anyways? At that point I was laughing so hard at how Cat just decides to call this scenario a “scam”. Its like you just wanted to start drama on purpose. Because Kitty and I were just minding our own business until Cat decided to follow us.

Also if you notice in the video, CatI2 says “MY TEST WORK! SHE SCAM!” and I was confused as to where the logic was in her test. You decided to follow us, then you bought an item that I was supposed to buy, then you ask Kitty to give the Gold back within 5 seconds, and Kitty said no because you weren’t even supposed to be there. But even if you DID want to lend her some Gold, you don’t just do it without saying a word. At least you could have followed us and told us what you were doing there. If you said you came to lend Kitty Gold, then don’t you think none of this drama would have happened? because yes, then Kitty would have gave you back the Gold when she had enough.

So in conclusion, the video is basically a Rickroll. The title says something about people scamming, where as the video content is just a video of Cat filming herself accusing other people. So please, give that video a dislike a comment the truth and the link to this post!



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