Membership Week Offer

Hey guys!

so Fantage brought back free membership week again as it was frequently requested! but this time, its not free. Its only for people who have Gold. Here are some pictures 🙂

new1 new2 new3

The signs are in Downtown, Uptown, and the IDfone store. Click on the sign, and this will pop up:new4


Most people with Gold already have membership. And no, if you’re a member, you cant extend your membership time with this. If you click “Buy Membership”, it will say “You are already a Premium Member!”

I wouldn’t buy this because I already know what its like being a Premium Member since we had so many free trials before. Plus its only for a week, and after that, all the starred items you bought will be blurred out. Unless you want to continue to buy membership 1 week at a time for 3000 Gold. But, if you do want to buy this, here are things you could do during that one week!

-Buy Gold! since your a member, you get double the Gold.

-Go to the VIP Room

-Get your monthly gift!

-Use the “search” feature at MyMall

-Your text will be blue and bold.

-Buy items with stars

-Earn more stars by buying the Double Star Coupon

-Use up your gems (Black Diamond, Moonstone, Diamond, Emerald)

err that’s pretty much all 😀




7 thoughts on “Membership Week Offer

  1. When I first looked at this at first I thought there was a free membership week ad everyone got free gold… then I read it carefully and I was disappointed… I want them to do an actual FREE membership week one more time… and put the free gold on the android idfone app onto itunes too.

  2. .-. i saw a glitch,remember the mems who can get the gold with stars? on the limlited items? well this time its for nons too! i show u the poof c:
    -i dont have gold,if i did,then i will spend it too many times lol O_____O its true….
    -IM A NON,AND i brought the gold limited item,doing the glitch.

    okei so this is how u do it!:

    -click the limited items
    -click the member items (blue items) and then go to hairs,or outfit,or any on the blue items!
    -click tab until u get the yellow box on the pink items, then click tab many times until u get into this,leme show u >>>
    -click on it! then it will show u into this! <– this item only has gold.
    annnd idk…maybe check ur invetory if it works or not o______o it works for me! :3 srry for long comment o__o i was trying to help u c:

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