New Editor/Author: Ceindrina!

Most of you probably don’t know me… but I work for Smileyselena‘s blog (who is cloud’s bff).

Well today Cloud basically invited me to become an editor on Fantage Spy! So here’s a little intro about me (and no you shall not know my age muhahahah)

Favourite Color: ALL shades of BLUE, PURPLE, and GREEN~

Favourite Book: YOU DID NOT JUST MAKE ME CHOOSE MY FAVOURITE BOOK NOW Okay the Fault in Our Stars, The Maze Runner, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Crewel (this list is just gunna go on forever, and I’m not making this post all about books -_-)

Favourite Food: SUSHI

Hobbies: Playing the piano and cello, Drawing, Editing fantage characters, and animating~

Here’s some of the edits I made so far after I came back from my quit mode the beginning of this year:

all of me girl 1 dpcandy 1 fantage edit 1 bad girl fantage canada day edit contest entry spideyz fantage elsa fantage fancy edit fantage katniss I know this is hugefantage purple panda fantage s.s. ameee fantage s.s. cloud fantage s.s. header fantage s.s. me fantage violin her 1 final entry royal fox first boy edit


Okay so I’m not the BEST editor out there but my skills aren’t that bad right?

Anyway, I also have a youtube channel that you can go check out right now:

I basically post videos like how I do my edits, Animation Tests, Collab Parts, etc.

I will most likely elaborate on this poorly written post later, since I’m running out of time…

Thanks for spending 3 minutes of your life to read this very unimportant post about me!



43 thoughts on “New Editor/Author: Ceindrina!

    What hair did you use for this?

    I need to know, it's so kawaiiiiii~~~
    I started editing too, so lol cx I guess you can look at them and I need serious help ^-^'

    1. srry bout that late reply
      you can check a video i made on my entry (titled “entry for royal fox”).
      The hair’s from the fashion battle hairs (well at least a part of it)

  2. Omg yas favourite Fantage utuber + favourite Fantage blog= yey
    but why u ppl gotta distract meh from le homework
    and WHALEcome ^-^

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