*edited by cloud82 with responses. Post written by ceindrina*

A lot of fantagians have been getting permanently banned on fantage lately…by who you ask? Well it’s this new admin who bans anyone who goes on the server Silver Bunny. Many fantage youtubers and fantagians actually got banned -_- (liak what the heck fantage?!??!)

Cloud82: Hmmm.. I’m pretty sure thats just a rumor. Since lots of people go on Silver Bunny,  theres just a higher chance of people getting banned. Plus I’ve been on that server before and after this whole banning situation and my account isnt banned.

Basically the story is that if you go on your account with a different IP address then you’ll get permanently banned since fantage thinks your being hacked (OML THAT’S HILARIOUS)

Cloud82: So if you guys want to prevent on getting banned, just make sure your not sharing your account. If so, try to change your password. Also I logged on my account on different computers (different IP Adress on each computer) and I didnt get banned… but a lot of people have been saying, that if you use Puffin Flash Browser to play Fantage, your accoun5 might be get banned.

Luckily for me I’m not banned yet, but people say they just got banned for going on Silver Bunny SO BEWARE!!


So many people were banned permantely including: Tigers8me, Cristina792, and more…

Please let’s all take 1 minute to email fantage and tell them to fix this before everyone on fantage gets banned.

Well guess what? Here’s what fantage posted on their facebook page:

Hi Fantagians! Thanks for visiting our page. Currently, accounts that are being shared will be temporarily banned. Once we review the account and all information is verified, we will release the ban. To secure your account, make sure to keep your password a secret to prevent others from logging in. Hope to see all of you soon on Fantage! – Your Friend, Admin Z

Okay so i’m not sure if this is real since I found it in the comments on a video (LOL) but yah…


Hopefully fantage will fix this…


time for the good stuff 🙂

Fantage released this Daily Bonus thing where you get prizes EVERYDAY if you log in 12 times in a row…and guess what? YOU GET CODY’S COMBO CARDS, LUCKYBOT COINS, AND MYMALL PERMISSIONS! THANK YOU FANTAGE! (although i still hate how this admin of yours is banning people all ovah da world)


Those with gold be liak: Cool!

But those without gold be liak: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG AHHH I CAN FINALLY HAVE A CHANCE TO GET GOLD OMGOMG (<–exactly my reaction)

Anyways I really like this idea… since i’m a poor person that doesn’t have any gold.



57 thoughts on “PERMANENTLY BANNED ON FANTAGE??!?!?!?

  1. I’m scared because and my sisters have. shared out accounts since 2010 and 2011. We’ve been going on two different computers for a while now in our house, and I worry that they will get banned… D:

  2. You should call Fantage if your banned here the number ((201-944-6622)) i’m going to call them today hope it helps
    P.S. hey Cloud82 I met you in Fantage at MYMALL you asked if I sub you on YouTube and followed on your blog check out my Facebook I posted the pic when we met can you believe i’m banned grr Fantage has to stop 😥

  3. Well…first things first:
    I use Puffin Web Browser often.
    I went on Silver Bunny a couple times the day my acc got banned.
    I sent an email asking Fantage.
    I can’t believe it- I lost my acc because of a stupid app and a stupid admin.
    What am I supposed to do now?
    Of course, I never shared my password.
    Any advice?

    1. oki well, this comment is from a long time ago and my account was unbanned after a week or so, im not sure how but ehh yeah

    1. I got banned about a year ago for 23456018 hours and 1234567783804 minutes.It took a year and fifty days to get it unbanned.

  4. wow, i should have seen this before, i usually go on silver bunny, and i saw that i got banned for 149 hours! not cool, i contacted fantage for a while now, yet i havent had a reply.

  5. Im banned! for like no reason! I just logged on and it said “NOTICE this account has been banned by the admin for 99 hours” and im just like WHAT?!?!?! Then again, it could be because I logged on puffin web browser…… But it could also be a hacker. But its so not fair.

  6. I got banned yesterday for no reason! I just logged on and a red box came out and said that I had been banned for 99 hours and 59 minutes 😦
    I sent fantage an email but they still haven’t responded. I wonder if they will ever respond…

  7. waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle llama waffle waffle waffle happy llama sad llama mentily desturbed llama super llama dramma llama big fat mama llama >__<

  8. user: itty67
    pass: soccer67 thats ah boy account 🙂
    its a really good one…..
    no banning please, thank you! XD 😀 :$

  9. Yo what up! It’s Kimmy_1999 the owner here! I NEED your help to have Kirk_2830, Kirk_2835, Bethany_28, Nancy_100, Toyko004, and Lilly15249 to be UNBANNED immediately! I’m desperate!

  10. hey its kitty kat here! my fantage account which is pinkrainbow7078 is permanently i have to be a newbie and be called chocolate5613. fantage spy, please unban me!

  11. So nearly 3 years later and this is still a thing? I haven’t played fantage in years, so I decided to hop on it and after playing for 2 days I got perma banned. I have no idea how since I still have safe chat on.

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