Bestie Infomercial


No bestie? No problem!

Now introducing “Bestie”

your one and ONLY best friend because we know you dont have any friends.

Got a problem? Need to talk?

Talk to Bestie!

Each Bestie is programmed to speak at random times saying random things.

So you had a bad day, your goldfish dies, what does your Bestie say?

“lets take a selfie!”

Moving on,

your Bestie will also follow you EVERYWHERE.

so say good bye to being called a loner

Because with Bestie, you are never. NEVER. Alone : )

Now what are you waiting for?

Buy your new best friend today for an astonishing price of 4,999 because 5,000 is just too mainstream.

really fast end-of-commercial-voice:  Each sold separately batteries not included. Bestie is not responsible for suicide, cancer, or inflammation of the tonsils.

Fun to play with, not to eat!

11 thoughts on “Bestie Infomercial

  1. To be honest it’s more like Boy friend and Girl friends… I mean… Girls can only buy boys and boys can only buy girls! WTH FANTAGE?! Looks like fantage has turned into some dating server….

    Sent from Windows Mail

  2. I found a weird error on fantage! It’s really cool, but you can only do it if you haven’t completed the “go to the creature arena” and “go to the wizard’s domain” mini quests. If you have already, make a new account.
    1. Go to the mini quests and click on the one that says “go to the wizard’s domain” or “go to the creature arena”
    2. Click “TAKE ME THERE”
    3. You should end up in the old wizard’s domain area! The one before they changed the map! If you clicked on “go to the creature arena” you should end up in the old creature arena before they changed the map. I guess fantage forgot to change it. I would show you a picture but I don’t know how to attach a picture to the comments. Please try this out! 😀

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