Surprise Surprise?

Hey guys!

so we all know a lot of people have been getting banned permanently forever.


mainly users of Puffin.

Aaand well being the dumbo I am…


I kinda..



because I was


using Puffin


even though I knew I the consequences

so yea

y’all haters better be happy now


41 thoughts on “Surprise Surprise?

      1. YAYAYYA
        Fantage: We lately had some issues with our banning system and did not mean to ban all of you good-for-no-reason Fantigians. We are unable to repair this situation until further measures have been taken to reolve it. Than-
        (I made it up lolol)

  1. Omg that’s creepy I was in my mall and I was searching items and one came up as your user. I was searching for something and I saw cloud82 I was liak WOOTTTTTTTTT O.O

  2. Aren’t they gonna un-ban everyone after they checked that your account wasn’t actually hacked or something like that?

  3. Fantage is idiotic.
    I mean, seriously, if you’re going to ban people forever if they’re using Puffin, at least say so people stop using Puffin, and those who don’t listen get a warning or something whatever.
    But oh well.
    This generation’s idiotic, anyway.

  4. OmG I also got bbanned for using puffin …. This is hilarious .. I was like what the hell ?? I got banned for 99 hours xD 55 hours remaing wait what ! 55 hours oh no
    BTW puffin is scary don’t use it !! I mean fantage thinks u got hacked and stuff !
    Stupid fantage !

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