Fantage is now getting rid of vintage gold! (yay!) Thery’re adding this new shop that lets you get items for FREE

the only problem? ITS FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS

Well this pretty much sucks for all those nons out there since we’re poor and smart and don’t spend money on a pixel game. (yes i’m talking about myself).


Yup…it’s called the “PM Boutique” sounds stupid to me

Here’s what fantage posted on they’re blog earlier this week (I think):

Say GOODBYE to Vintage Gold Shop!
Say HELLO to our BRAND NEW Premium Member Only BOUTIQUE!
With the help of personal stylist, Sophia, PMs can wear some of the
hottest items on Fantage for FREE. Get ready, the Grand Opening is coming soon!

“hottest items on Fantage for FREE” HAH nice try fantage… nice try…

oooo and yesturday I got that 3 lucky bot coupons, 3 CCC, and a 7 day mymall permission! (go to mah kiosk 42A4)

Have a good day now.


IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! What the PM Boutique is is (yes i just said is twice. not a typo) basically a shop where premium members can rent items for free. By items, I mean ANY item on fantage. Don’t try to trick them. They already thought about if you sell those items at mymall or something, that’s why it cannot be sold in mymall (HAH! Fantage being smart today)

Pictures will be posted soon (busy)

Meanwhile, I edited the girl called “Sophia” and made a base and added the items 🙂 enjoy~pmshop base

the items are actually pretty nice (credit if used) SO FAB I have to admit that the base looks HORRIBLE. I can’t get the face right but it looks better with hair on it okay?



#long/shortpost (I don’t even know)

16 thoughts on “GOODBYE VINTAGE GOLD!

  1. so far so bad all the kiosks are full .-. if u cant press get an kiosk or something like tht it means its full ;0; i checked all the floors and i have seen nothing for rent ;-;

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