Fantage be like…

so we all know that Fantage is giving Premium Members more and more benefits, and giving non members less? well if you remember, Fantage had a banner on there website listing PM benefits and non member benefits. There was one category that said both members and nons get  no ads. Some time later, that check mark was only present on the Premium Members benefits list..

see where I’m going? Fantage took that checkmark off the non members benefits list. Just imagine Fantage in the future..

non member: logs on Fantage

fantage: congratulations! we just took 1000 Stars away from your account for being a non member!

non member: *clicks on Le Shope*

fantage: you must be a Premium Member to proceed.

non member: *clicks Home button*

fantage: access denied. Become a Premium Member today to have access to shelter!

non member: *buys membership”

fantage: Oops! you must be a Premium Member to buy Membership!


34 thoughts on “Fantage be like…

  1. Fantage in year 2018:
    non member: *logs on fantage*
    Fantage: Congrats! We removed all your items from inventory for being non mem!
    non member:*cris*
    Fantage: For crying we will get rid of all your stars and ecoins!
    non member: * cris and makes a pool full of tears*
    Fantage: For your new pool we will delete ur account!
    non member: Why fantage why?

    That would be horrible if its truly happen this in 2018.

  2. i swear , one day it’ll be like this :
    *nm is for non-member*

    nm : clicks on map
    fantage : You must be a pm to go to another place.

    nm : *writes something on public chat*
    fantage : In 5 secondes , you won’t be able to chat anymore. Become PM to have 10 seconds!

    nm : *tries to do a fmv*
    fantage : We are sick of fmv so be a PM so you could do one. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

    nm : *logs in*
    fantage : We have deleted your account because you didn’t gave us money.


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