My sketches!

Whale hello there!

here are some pictures of my sketchessss:CanonPictures 061 CanonPictures 062 CanonPictures 063 CanonPictures 064

(click to zoom in!!1!)


(wow did I just compliment myself)

I used a Canon Rebel t2i which is not mine fyi (because if i ever had a fancy camera i would quit blogging, move to Paris and take over 9000 photos of the Eiffel Tower.)

btw i cant never always (whOAH wow mind boggling much)  get the poportions wrong and somebody please teach me how to draw hands, legs, arms, hair, eyes, nose, ears, um basically how do you draw a human ??

anyways i must leave now im busy chatting with a stalker on my XAT chat box

toodles baerritos!

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