Canoeing Red Prize | Styled it

Screenshot_6 The canoeing red prize, one of my favorite shirt! This is a prize from a event years ago.

First off, you need to consider one thing when it comes to styling, colour matching. I’ve made a post about it so go on and click on this

Casual everyday

Wear it with shorts, denim, or jeans. Yes, jeans it matches with almost everything, especially with t-shirts. You can find lots of jeans or shorts in the Le Shop like these: Screenshot_9

Here’s how I would style it.


For shoes, I would suggest wearing flats , sneakers or the Cleopatra’s sandals (because it matches with literally everything)

For accessories, go for simple ones like the cat ears. You can wear glasses for a geeky look 😀


– Don’t wear it with pattern pants, it’ll look too messy.

-Avoid wearing colour that is contrast with it.

Here’s a example:


Thanks Cookie for suggesting!

Click here for more styling tips!


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