Hey guys! so I have a few items for sale, and its cheap (for all you Asians out there haha jk).

Here are pictures of what I’m selling:


Earth Day Top- 2000 Gold

Green Sweater- 500-1000 Gold

Babydoll Frock- 1000 Gold

Checkered Shirt Sweater- 1000 Gold

Now if you aren’t sure if you want to buy it or not, I’LL CONVINCE YOU!

so here are some outfit ideas for you 😉

o1 o2 o3 o4

are you convinced yet??

you should be.

Now buy them : )

(comment below if you wanna buy!!)


22 thoughts on “Sale!

  1. that first shirt ;earth day top
    is actually one of my favorite fantage shirts 😀
    and 2,000 is prettttty cheap for it lol

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