Rad Outfit Ideas: The “Gift” Tee

This is probably the first time I have done this before, so don’t blame my horrible skills in matching outfits.

Recently I got this gift that was a very cute orange t-shirt. It looked like a shirt I saw people wear at the mall. So I decided to make some nice outfits for it. (don’t mind the horrible title mm)

style tee 1

It’s a really nice tee at I really like the colours.

Here’s some outfit ideas that can go with this beautiful shirt:

style tee 2 style tee 3 style tee 4 style tee 5

Wear it with a soft hair color. i.e. soft blonde, natural brown or black.

Avoid using blue, bright and bold hairs.

style tee 7<- you don’t want to look like this do you?

Now since I really like this shirt, I wear it often when I’m on fantage. Here’s how I style it myself, with the interesting colours and ears I have.

style tee 6 style tee 8

See here, I said avoid using blue, however if you use a blue that is soft and is not bright, then it’s fine. However, try using lighter colors (second picture). I do not recommend the first outfit I would wear.

Now this is my first time doing something like this, but I hope you enjoyed reading this wonderful article.



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