Dress for less!

Hey guys! today’s post topic will be all about dressing for less on Fantage 🙂 (MyMall edition). Since I know most people have Gold (from the attendance prize), I’ll be showing you guys how to dress fashionable for less. (Because I know its hard to find cute cheap clothes nowadays)

There are 2 outfits that I’ll be talking about today:

outfits2New members can get these outfits on Fantage for free for joining Fantage. You see, I joined like back then and back then, there were no free outfits for newbies. So for those of you who have Gold, you can find these outfits for 500-1000 Gold. That is cheap considering most cute outfits are over 3,000 Gold.

I really like the black outfit because it pretty much goes with all hairs. (Except for those wacky April Fools day hairs with pizza splattered everywhere o-o). Now here are some outfit ideas : )


The last one is a bit casual; I think it works too!

Some other colors beside black and yellow, would be purple. Yea I know you’re thinking “hahah nope. Purple mixing with such sophisticated-ness would definitely not work!”

well, little grass hopper, I am here to prove you wrong. (jk). Here is the same outfit, except with a bit of purple!

111 Mwahahaha I told you! IN. YOUR. FACE. Now you’re probably wondering how that even works??

well yellow is across from purple in the color wheel:

And colors that are across from each other on the color wheel actually match! to get a whole lesson on color matching, click here for a tutorial that minitricia made.

Oh and for the purple dress, use colors like yellow, orange and gold. This dress goes with natural colored hairs  especially lighter colored ones such as yellow.


See? so pretty *o* I love the pop of colors with this purple dress.

Comment below which outfit is your favorite! like, and re-blog for more~

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